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Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia


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Updated at 11.10.2023


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Sky Stars Ocean View is a high-end Luxury complex of 19 villas at the highest point in southern Bali with panoramic views of the ocean and night city.

Located in the southern part of Bali, Bukit, with its special atmosphere, sights, white sand, azure water and karst cliffs, falls in love with itself. It has the mildest climate in Bali: the peninsula is blown by a pleasant breeze and has the shortest rainy season.

Sky Star Ocean View has been designed to provide each villa with ocean and night city views. The villas are arranged in levels with a height difference of more than 2 metres.

The roofs of the villas in front are covered with quality artificial grass, which expands the space on the villa. The height of the fence at each villa is only 1 metre. Day or night, each villa in the complex overlooks mind-blowing landscapes, the most important of which is the ocean view.

 Frameless glazing expands the space and allows you to enjoy panoramic views without leaving the room. Large panoramic stained glass windows provide the best protection from the Bali sun in addition to the panoramic view.

Porcelain stoneware tiles with Crystaline technology used in the cladding of individual elements of the villa's rooms, unlike natural Limestone, allow the appearance to last for decades. All surfaces in the villa are covered with a special protective paint, which protects against the effects of natural factors and mould. All materials are selected to be hardwearing and tropical.

Designer furniture selected and designed specifically for this project.

 The perfect combination of colours in a complex

- The white villa in all its forms
- Blue pool, sea and sky
- Balinese greenery that surrounds the complex


Each villa has the highest level of comfort:

- comfortable sofa area
- pair of sun loungers
- king size swing bed


The complex has:

- 9 one-bedroom villas
- 6 double villas
- 4 three-bedroom villas


The convenience of the villas is the high service for the accommodation:

- Lobby
- 24-hour security
- Service personnel
- Car park at the villa


Infrastructure near the complex.

- Bingin, Nyang Nyang, Green Bowl, Padang Padand, Secret beaches
- Plenty of convenient bars and restaurants are located within easy travelling distance of the complex.
- Convenient transport interchange with exit to the main tourist areas
- New Kuta Golf
- Fitness centre
- Surf spots


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